My gosh, where do I even begin? Words don’t exist that adequately describe the benefits I have received from taking Inessa’s courses. The closest words would be enlightenment, beauty and love….Love for myself and the world.

I was diagnosed as manic depressive when I was quite young, I was a guinea pig for the doctors for almost 15 years as they tried every anti-depressant/anxiety drug cocktail they could find. Those drugs “worked” I suppose, but caused me to withdraw and become a shell of what I was before. It seemed to turn me into a vegetable. About 2 years ago, at 21, I took myself of the medication and delved into the world of alternative healing….with amazing results. Just recently, God brought me to Inessa and my life will never be the same.
I really wanted to study hypnotherapy to help myself, not really knowing if I necessarily wanted to be a hypnotherapist. (Of course, now I do!) The class literally changed my life. The environment is the most amazing environment you could possibly be in. Every thought you think, every word you say is accepted with not one ounce of judgment. I learned to be a better person, a better healer, how to lead a wonderful life and how to love……but most of all, I learned that I AM NOT ALONE. I will always have a mentor in Inessa but more importantly, I will always have a friend. I am convinced that no one is more knowledgeable or better at what they do, than Inessa. This course would be a blessing for anyone! It is guaranteed to change your life, and no one would regret one second of it. Do yourself a favor and sign up, your life will never be the same!
Inessa, I love you from the bottom of my heart, you have given me a reason to smile and even to get up in the morning. You are the only anti-depressant I will ever need!!! Because of you, I have found my purpose. Hopefully one day, I can affect as many lives as you have. “To the world you may be one person….but to one person you might be the WORLD!”

Carla Cobb, Massage Therapist

“The very first time I spoke with Inessa I felt an instant connection. A cosmic connection. As if our souls had been joined before in another place and time.
Inessa has certainly been a positive influence in my life. She has taught me how to reach deep down – into my soul, to discover the true meaning in this lifetime and to release any undesirable behaviors that I may have.
I hope anyone wanting to change their life either personally or professionally speaks with Inessa.
Inessa is Caring, funny, Intelligent, Sincere, beautiful, and Kind. She is committed to helping all of those who seek a happier, healthier way of life.
The path we walk is rich and filled with great treasures. Yet sometimes we can’t see them. Working with Inessa you will become more creative – more self assured – your confidence will be stronger than ever before. Inessa guides us to see and to feel.
I promise you, you will walk away with a brand new outlook on life. Your light will shine brighter than ever before. This will create an abundance of happiness in your life. As it has mine.
Most importantly you will walk away with a fabulous mentor and a caring friend who will walk beside you for a lifetime!”

Renee Sherman

“I want to write my comments regarding the course and teaching by Inessa King Zaleski, especially since it was such an over whelming experience.  I signed up for a course in Hypnotherapy and received the teaching of a warm caring and knowledgable teacher.  Inessa’s teaching is not only comprehensive in a didactic way but she communicates the information in a caring, inspiring way which goes to the brain and
to the heart.  She is patient, encouraging but also demanding, communicating to me that she knew that I had the ability to be a good hypnotherapist myself.  I felt so reaffirmed and capable that the people that I have used the hypnosis with have been very pleased with my service.
I would recommend Inessa’s course content and teaching methods to anyone who is seriously interested in learning and practicing hypnotherapy.”

 Louise King Sindos

“Whatever service of Inessa’s that you select, know that you will receive far greater in the enrichment of your life than any small monetary value that you may impart to her.
Inessa pours her heart and soul into her work and the empowerment of others. She gives you the keys that open up to you the unlimited good that awaits you and enables you, to not only create what you truly desire, but inspires you to do the same for others as well!”

Mary B., Nurse

“So, much more!!! That is the only way I can describe this class. I signed up for the class at the last minute and not knowing much about it. I was just hoping to get some hands-on training, on something I have been reading about since I was a child. Not only did I get the hands-on training, I got some of the best hypnosis training you could ever hope for. With the skills I learned, I hope to be able to help many people, including myself. I would also like to say that Inessa is not only one of the best teachers I’ve ever have, but she is one of the greatest people I have ever met in my life. Thanks.”

Joey Jones 

“Dear Inessa,
I have thoroughly enjoyed your course on Hypnosis. In just two classes, I was able to hypnotize three people into a deep relaxed state. I find your data to be very informative and think that you are an
 excellent instructor, one who teaches the classes with feelings. I am looking forward to continuing your educational program.“            

Linda Solakian, Tax Assessor

“Inessa King Zaleski’s training classes on Hypnosis and Reiki display her true professionalism and a sincere desire to share her great knowledge with love that reaches you as an individual. It’s been a great experience and a blessing for me to be her student.“

Vincent Parici, President, Success Is You (Self-motivational lecture seminars)

“Dear Inessa,
I love your course and hope you do many more of such excellence! I also like the way you share information in a loving way and you are so nice that you do not hurry when you teach. You stop and explain with a willingness to teach everybody so they can and are willing to do hypnosis.
Thank you for such care. I think you are the #1 teacher and hypnotist.“

Michelle Zfania, 9 years old, Purchasing Agent

“Dear Inessa,
I am sending you this letter to let you know my thoughts on the Hypnosis class that I am taking with you. I have found that you have vast knowledge on all of what you teach. That you have answers in the field of Hypnotherapy is very apparent through your teachings, and you have no limit to what you 
share with your students. You encourage knowledge and growth from your students and have a spiritual way of teaching them. I have taken many classes and found no one person that gives so much of themselves to educate others. 
You have broken down your lessons into a very easy-to-understand format. In doing this you are capable of teaching all types of people.
 I feel that everyone can comprehend and successfully practice what they are taught in your Hypnosis classes. I look forward to any other classes that you will be offering in the future.“

Linda A. Rutledge, Marketing Coordinator, Cooper Electric

“I consider myself fortunate to have chosen Inessa King Zaleski’s Hypnotherapy Course. 
I recommend taking her course, which I found to be enlightening and all it could and should be. Inessa herself is warm, caring and a joy to know. Don’t miss this course!“

Robin Diane, Office Manager

“Dear Inessa,
This learning of hypnosis is such an amazingly painless way of finding your core of truth, and being able to help others do the same. Your course opens like magic the inner gates.“

Sarah Gherman, Reiki Practitioner